We help organizations to innovate in energy and sustainability

Our vision

“We believe that the energy transition starts with people”

The energy market is changing rapidly. We see that in the past the customer was not interested in the energy consumption, which was also not transparent and led by a goods market.


The demand for energy is driven by the increase in the energy consumption of electric cars, heat pumps and air conditioning systems. People are becoming more and more involved in managing their energy wisely. In addition, the cost of energy is rising enormously due to the impact of the Ukrainian war and the availability of gas from Russia.


We believe that with a good insight into power consumption, one can better control energy consumption. Energy that is not used does not have to be generated. This energy transition, which starts with the people themselves, saves most energy transition questions and also improves CO2 emissions.


To realize this “grip on energy”, we have created a product solution, guided by a mobile phone app and web-based dashboard (with API) to monitor and control individual energy sources with customers to enable our vision.

Our core values

You can only make informed decisions if you have access to the right underlying data. That’s why we believe that the right decisions can only be made based on independent real-time data.

We work on independent and simple solutions that connect energy systems to empower people.


 We are independent and provide independent data. Independent of energy meter or supplier: we always have a way to collect data.


We believe that engagement is based on simplicity. Less is more. If it ain’t easy, it ain’t made by us.


We can connect to multiple brands and solutions and adapt to make this connection work.


We help our customers and parties to ultimately make the best decisions using the information we provide them.

Our team

Our team

Since 2011, we have been creating solutions for the most diverse challenges in the energy market with a young team of thinkers, doers, dreamers and decision makers.

Our independent position in the market makes it possible to reach large groups of consumers via different customers and to prevent energy wastage. Our team has gained a lot of experience with this in recent years and knows how to activate and set the end user in motion to contribute to the CO2 reduction objectives.

Curious about our team?


We are organized in a simple way, we keep the lines short and during the daily lunch experiences are shared and decisions are made. Sailing, cycling and traveling are hobbies we like to talk about and weather permitting we regularly go boating or wakeboarding together on the nearby Loosdrechtse Plassen.

We work from our industrial building located between the A2 and the Amsterdam Rhine Canal, within walking distance of Breukelen station. We are always looking (not through recruitment companies) for good people who can join our team. Curious about our vacancies?