EnergyGrip is a cloud-based energy monitoring system for meter data management for real-time insight into

Optimize billing and asset management with real-time independent data

Monitoring energy data in a cloud-based energy data management system gives organizations a grip on their various energy sources.

With always accessible and independent data, we help organizations to optimize business processes such as billing, energy load balancing and asset management. This is how you increase energy efficiency for yourself and your customers

  • Real-time data from different energy sources in 1 place
  • Fixed amount per month per energy source
  • Data security with Narrowband IoT

“Energy doesn’t have to be complex.
EnergyGrip makes it easy to understand consumption and generation.”

Energiemonitoring Grip op Energie

Make the right choices with EnergyGrip

By gaining insight into energy consumption and generation for any time, at any location and for any type of energy source, energy assumptions are a thing of the past.

With our cloud meter data management system we make energy inspection, savings, sustainability and invoicing simple.

The 4 components of EnergyGrip


Connects to all energy sources


Makes all energy sources visible


Connects to your infrastructure


Presents energy insights to the end customer

Energie- wet en regelgeving

The time is now

Energy law and regulations are having an ever greater impact. Companies must comply with more and more regulations and be able to respond well to the higher energy costs and sustainable housing trends.

EnergieGrip offers organizations the tools to be compliant and to be at the forefront of the energy transition.

Every energy issue is different
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