“We work to deliver a valuable impact on the energy transition that is in full swing. Together we make Aurum a little better every day.”


At Aurum, a tight-knit team of young thinkers, doers, dreamers, and decision-makers has been tackling the most challenging issues in the energy market since 2011. Despite being a small company, we harbor big ambitions. With a compact team of 15 employees, we focus on ambitious projects for leading organizations. Our office environment still embodies a true start-up mentality: we produce in-house hardware prototypes, develop software, play competitive table football, and encourage individual initiative. Our approach is hybrid, allowing us to work both in-office and remotely.

The beating heart of our company is our strong development team, which comprises more than half of our employees. Proudly, we develop and manage our unique Aurum framework in-house, led by our own back-end, front-end, and firmware experts.

Our product owners, operations, sales, and service professionals ensure that our customers are fully supported and gain deep insight into various energy flows, enabling them to make well-informed decisions. Together with our clients, we strive for a smarter utilization of the world’s available energy resources.

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We are always looking for talent