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We make energy visible through data

Aurum for the business to business market

Real-time insight into energy consumption and generation with the EnergyGrip cloud-based energy data management system

Cloud meter data management for consumption and generation of various energy sources and systems in buildings, homes and offices. This solution helps organizations to optimize business processes such as billing or load balancing.

Aurum for the consumer

EnergyFlip, the independent energy consumption manager who has already helped thousands of families with energy insight

You can track energy consumption and return of your solar panels very easily and accurately with EnergyFlip. You can install EnergyFlip yourself and it works flawlessly with any type of meter. Developed in 2017 together with a well-known consumer organization.

“We specialize in the development of smart technology to manage and reduce energy consumption. We help organizations and consumers to innovate in energy and sustainability.”


Verzamelen van real-time energiedata

With our hardware solutions we measure all types of energy sources (including gas, electricity, sun, batteries, heat pumps) on a real-time basis.


Storage, analysis and enrichment of energy data

An API-driven big-data IoT platform where we combine real-time energy data with external information flows.


Data interpreteren naar bruikbare informatie

Aurum develops and manages various front-end applications in which measurement data is made relevant and visual.

“We believe that the energy transition starts with people.”

10+ years of experience in measurement solutions


We have been offering a reliable solution for independent reading of energy sources for more than 10 years. We do this with a young team of thinkers, doers, dreamers and decision makers.


In our view, it is important to be able to measure and communicate data separately from the meter or systems. Aurum takes care of the entire measurement chain. Where necessary, we use our own hardware to unlock data. With this solution we measure all types of energy sources on a real-time basis. Our universal gateways are easy to install and the firmware can be updated remotely to receive long-term quality measurement data and perform end-to-end management.


Our independent position in the market makes it possible to reach large groups of consumers through different customers and to prevent energy wastage. Our team has gained a lot of experience with this in recent years and knows how to activate and set the end user in motion to contribute to the CO2 reduction objectives.

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If all houses in the Netherlands have real-time energy insights, we will save 2,648 megatons of CO2. That is the same as the annual emissions of a coal-fired power station.

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Our partners and customers


“A strong combination of technology and consumer insights, in which Aurum is an indispensable strategic link for us.”
– Remeha

Interview with founder Marc

Vodafone Business made a portrait of Dutch companies that use Narrowband IoT to realize innovative services and products. Journalist Sander Schimmelpenninck was our guest in Breukelen and interviewed Aurum CEO and founder Marc de Beijer. He talks about his illness, his drive and the reason that Aurum was founded.

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Every energy issue is different. Can we help you?